The Morpheus Dispatches is a place where creativity thrives. It is the hub that drives the company forward, always evolving and innovating to deliver unique creative solutions to clients around the world.

The Morpheus Design Team is an eclectic mix of award winning design talent from a multitude of cultural backgrounds and The Dispatches is a window into the workings of this unique and collaborative team.

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 – A Morpheus Retrospective

Salone del Mobile is always an exciting event in any interior designer’s calendar, and this year two of the Morpheus team made the trip to Milan. There were a number of trends and exhibitions that particularly interested our designers, from state-of-the-art technology through to creative art. Whilst the official Pantone colour of 2017 is green, […]

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An Interview with Simon Shaw

Andrew Murray catches up with Simon Shaw in Morpheus’ recently completed club lounge at Six Senses Residences Courchevel. So Simon, important questions first, as one of the tallest English rugby players how is your skiing going? As you have already seen from our brief encounter on the slopes, whilst not being as technically proficient as […]

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British Brands Abroad

In times of fast living and mass consumption a new trend has been emerging in recent years; a desire for uniqueness, authenticity, reliability and craftsmanship. British brands are renowned for their manufacturing, excellent quality, innovation and durability, therefore it shall come as no surprise that international consumers will pay premium prices for British products and […]

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Exquisite Details – The Importance of Accessorising

When it comes to elevating an interior design scheme from great to exceptional, the magic lies within the detail and the layering of exquisite materials. These edifying details can be found in many different elements of a design, from a perfectly cast metal arm set into a rich silk velvet upholstered chair, or a specialist […]

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The Principles of Synergy – Photography & Interior Design

“When I am shooting architectural and interior spaces I look to break all my images down into the basic components of geometry and light, which are the framework on which the colour and design details hang”

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